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There is a lot of frustration and agony in the question Ė Ďwhy canít I get pregnantí? Though this is a pretty depressing state of affairs, but let me remind you that you are not alone in suffering from this since many other women are also riding the same boat with you. Pregnancy may prove elementary with some couples while it creates serious crisis for others. Infertility, which is quite common with the contemporary generation, was an unheard of topic just about a decade ago. But now all that has changed.

Causes for not getting pregnant

The fact is, the reasons behind your not becoming pregnant could be many that are listed below.

  • You may be a victim of infertility caused due to Pelvic Inflammatory diseases, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Hypothalamic amenorrhea, Endometriosis , Anovulation, Uterine fibroids, premature ovarian failure, Menopause as well as your biological age. However, most of these are medically curable (barring your age and menopause) and so you should consult some medical help.
  • Many lifestyle factors can also affect your ability to conceive which includes wrong diet, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, exercise regimen, irregular or scanty sleep habits and many more. These may be rectified by you personally by way of eating a balanced diet, quitting smoking, reducing or abstaining from alcoholic drinks, engaging in light exercise and sleeping adequately.
  • Your partnerís loss of libido and poor sperm count may prevent you from becoming pregnant. Why donít you ask him to see a doctor and take a sperm count analysis? May be he is suffering from undue stress that has robbed his libido, or perhaps too frequent sexual activity has resulted in less than average sperm count. He may also have suffered from chronic STD that has turned him infertile for the time being. With yoga and meditation the stress can be controlled while proper treatment would render fertility again.
  • Too much stress can have equally devastating effect on you, as a result of which you may fall a victim of anovulation, i.e. you just stop ovulating for the time being. The same meditation and yoga may come to your rescue when all other attempts to control it fail.
  • Yet another significant issue that may prevent you from becoming pregnant includes hormonal problems linked with inappropriate functioning of your thyroid glands. You may also be suffering from serious progesterone deficiency while hormonal problems often affect implantation of the fertilized egg onto the wall of the uterus. The good news is, none of these conditions are incurable.
  • Wearing excessively tight clothing not only affects the production of sperm in men but also interferes with the secretion of various reproductive hormones in women. The best answer for this would be to ask your partner to change into boxer briefs and to look for loose skirts for yourself.
  • If you are asking yourself the question, why canít I get pregnant, ask yourself how many cups of coffee you are having. No matter how fond of coffee both of you are, you should restrict its consumption to two cups a day and no more. Studies have revealed that caffeine seriously interferes with the ability of the egg to successfully implant into the uterus, thus preventing complete pregnancy.
  • Though rare, but sometime nature proves unrewarding to some women, who for no rhyme or reason, fall victim to Premature Ovarian Failure that includes depletion of follicles much earlier than the menopausal age of 40 or more. Known in medical parlance as Early Menopause , it is considered to be a significant cause of infertility in women who have little chance of getting pregnant without due fertility treatment.

Asking yourself, why canít I get pregnant Ė there may be a medical cause behind this. And if this is the case, then it is best that you turn to the holistic approach as it first finds out the real cause that is leading to the problem and then suggests a remedy. As opposed to this, conventional treatments are restricted to just promoting assisted reproductive technologies whose success rate is low and they come with side effects as well. Once the cause is identified, holistic remedies prescribe Chinese medicines, herbs, acupuncture, diet and lifestyle changes as exercises as a solution and with this, fertility almost always gets a big boost.

Why Can't I Get Pregnant

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Why Can't I Get Pregnant

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