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When Is The RIGHT Time
To Get Pregnant?

So you are planning a family and wondering when to get pregnant ? Take a deep breath and relax. You are not alone. There are thousands of women like you who are in a similar situation. The answer is not exactly far out there. In fact, to sound Zen-like, it is within you. Quite literally. The best time to get pregnant is when your fertility is at its peak. This means during your ovulation in your menstrual cycle. You already know whether you have a 28-day or a 30-day cycle.

About two weeks after your menstruation (the starting date), a woman releases an egg. The egg then travels down the fallopian tubes towards the uterus. This is known as ovulation . If the egg encounters a sperm along the way then it gets fertilized. If not, then the egg is thrown out of the uterus and the woman gets her period as before. You will know when to get pregnant when you start observing your body closely for any significant changes. These changes occur during your ovulation. They normally include abdominal cramps, low basal body temperature, cervical mucous (clear, slippery and stretchy) and sometimes even mood swings.

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While the ovulation cycle is considered the most fertile time for a woman, it is a misconception that it is advisable to have sex only during this period. As a matter of fact, the sperm swims up to the fallopian tube from the vagina and waits for an egg to come by. The sperm can live inside for up to 7 days, so you can get pregnant even when you have sex several days before you ovulate. The egg, however, does not last more than 48 hours, so your chances of becoming pregnant post ovulation are not too good. Coming back to your question: when to get pregnant , the answer would be to have sex before and during your ovulation cycle.

The speed of your pregnancy is not only dependent on your ovulation cycle. There are a lot of other factors too which determine your fertility. These include your age, lifestyle, diet, nutrition, frequency of sex, timing of intercourse (duration of time), positions while having sex and so on. It is a fact that woman who lead a holistic life are likely to conceive faster than other women who have irregular eating and sleeping habits. Your fertility can be adversely affected if you abuse your body with drugs, heavy medication or too much caffeine. A holistic and disciplined way of living is the faster and surest way to get pregnant.


When To Get Pregnant

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When To Get Pregnant

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