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When Can YOU Get Pregnant:
The Secret Revealed

Most women recently off their contraceptive pills ask themselves, “When can I get pregnant?” Well, to know the answer, they have to understand the process of ovulation- the expulsion of egg from the ovary. It is also a mark of a woman’s fertility (possibility of getting pregnant). It is a known fact that a woman gets her period once a month. On the 14th day from the day her period starts, she starts ovulating. The released egg starts traveling down the fallopian tube towards the uterus. If it encounters a sperm along the way, then it gets fertilized or else, it is simply released and the woman has her period as usual.

Also, a woman’s unfertilized egg can survive up to 48 hours while the sperm can be inside a woman for seven days. This makes it possible for a woman to get pregnant during the two weeks in the middle of the cycle. In other words, the most likely time when you can get pregnant is the gap between the last period and the next.

What is the best time to get pregnant?

As one can guess, a lot depends on the period of ovulation. However, it would not be fair to generalize as some women can have different cycles depending on their age, lifestyle, environment, diet among other things. As a matter of fact, some women can ovulate anytime even though for the majority it is usually during the middle of their menstrual month. Another generalization is that a woman cannot get pregnant during her periods. Most women do not ovulate during this time but since the egg can survive up to 48 hours, chances are that if it is already there then it could meet up with the sperm during menstruation. This happens very rarely.

When women ask, when can I get pregnant , they usually mean how soon can they get pregnant once they start trying. For some couples it could take a few months, for some it could be longer. It is important to keep trying and have a holistic lifestyle while trying to start a family. Good nutrition, good rest and spending quality time with your partner are some sure ways of leading a holistic life and improving your chances of getting pregnant quickly. If you’ve been trying for less than six months, hold on and keep trying. If you’ve been trying for over eight months, it is time to meet your doctor to do a fertility test. But before you decide to take a fertility treatment, make some positive changes in your lifestyle and learn to be happy and peaceful in all situations.


When Can I Get Pregnant

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When Can I Get Pregnant

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