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What is Assisted Reproductive Technology? Get Your Facts Clear!

If you are facing infertility problems while trying for a child you need to know what is assisted reproductive technology (ART). It has given hope to thousands of people who had problems with their fertility. It refers to the techniques used where artificial means are used to assist the process of pregnancy. Nowadays itís very common to come across couples who have found ART to be a good option when things donít seem to be going right for them.

Although all assisted reproductive technology (ART) methods help couples to produce kids, they are very expensive and need to be used only as the last option when any couple has a fertility problem.

Some of the important assisted reproductive technology (ART) methods are as follows:

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI ): a single sperm is used in this technique. It is placed with the help of a microscopic needle in the egg of a woman. Once the egg gets fertilized, the embryo is shifted in the womanís uterus.

In vitro fertilization (IVF ):
this technique is known by most people nowadays. The womanís eggs are placed together with her partnerís sperms in a dish. Once fertilization is successful, the embryos are shifted in to the uterus. The embryos are given a time period of 3-5 days to develop before they are placed inside the uterus.

Zygote intrafallopian transfer (ZIFT ):
this process is quite similar to the GIFT process. But in this case the medical expert will wait for fertilization to occur before the embryos are placed inside a woman.

Gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT):
in this technique, the eggs and the sperms are collectively combined in a dish and then injected into the fallopian tubes with the help of surgery. A laparoscope is used for this purpose. The whole process of fertilization takes place in a womenís body.

Donor egg or embryo:
this technique is useful if a woman cannot use her eggs successfully. Another donorís eggs are used along with her partnerís sperms. It is then placed in the uterus.

But you need to remember that assisted reproductive technology (ART) methods can cause a lot of stress in a couple. Very often the woman who faces a failure in such a type of technique goes into major depression. Also such techniques cause tension as they are very expensive. At times they are also known to cause birth defects in the child produced. Itís much simpler to use the holistic approach to produce a child. You need to follow a combination of Chinese herbs and proper way of living to be successful in your pregnancy quest. Learn to use the holistic approach to boost your reproductive powers so that pregnancy easily occurs in you.

What Is Assisted Reproductive Technology

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What Is Assisted Reproductive Technology

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