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The EASY Ways to Get Pregnant!

If you are looking for information on the net on the ways to get pregnant, you are definitely in for a confusing ride, considering the fact that there is so much of it available online. So letís try to keep it simple for you with these easy-as-can-be guidelines.

Guideline # 1: Your period and ovulation cycle:†

Many websites will blindly tell you that ovulation occurs on the 14th day after your period. Well, this may hold true for many but for some women who have other than a 28-day-cycle, it is definitely not the case. Also, some women may not necessarily ovulate on the 14th day even if they have a 28-day-cycle. You can look out for body signs (abdominal cramps, high basal temperature, mucous discharge, moodiness etc) for a few months and also take the help of ovulation prediction kits that are quite simple to use and economical, too. Try to have sex before and during ovulation.

Guideline # 2: Consult your doctor:

Get a regular medical test done if you are planning a baby. Your doc will put you on some prenatal vitamins and ask you to stop using unnecessary medicines. Of course, you already know that now you should stop using contraceptives. Make sure you stay away from casual sex and have sex with only partner. Sexually transmitted diseases, poor health or genital infections can drastically lower your chances of getting pregnant.

Guideline # 3: Have sex regularly:

This guideline may not exactly be in every rule book of ways to get pregnant, but it is a sure way of not only getting pregnant but getting pregnant fast . Considering that the fertile window is so small (3-4 days), it is better not to miss the chance. You can never be too sure when you will ovulate, so having sex three times a week is a good way not to miss the opportunity. Couples who tend to reserve sex only for the weekends do not stand a good chance.

Guideline # 4: Have enjoyable sex:

Make sure you are not treating sex as a chore or a job to be done. Sometimes couples end up trying too hard. Take it easy. Medical experts have come up with a good reason to enjoy your sex life. They believe that having an orgasm during sex helps the sperm enter the uterus, thus increasing the chances of pregnancy.

Guideline # 5: A holistic approach:

One of the best ways to get pregnant is to reduce your intake of caffeine, cut out cigarettes and alcohol completely from your life as they can affect your fertility. Be happy, content, and positive. Lead a holistic, stress-free way of life.

Ways to Get Pregnant

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Ways to Get Pregnant

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