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Unexplained Infertility:
Causes and the ONLY Treatment
that WORKS

There are three factors – the male factor (something is wrong with the male), the female factor (a medical problem with the female), and unexplained infertility (where the exact reason cannot be found). Infertile couples with no abnormalities as revealed by standard infertility evaluation in the West pray wholeheartedly for a child while their Indian counterparts visit temples seeking divine blessings.

And that is because, unexplained infertility is still a diagnosis of exclusion. However, the diagnosis of possible etiologies of unexplained infertility deserves more sophisticated approaches while in the absence of a plausible cause, the therapy, as may be expected, is more or less empirical in nature. In other words, when the cause cannot even be diagnosed, how can the treatment be suggested? However, conventional medications do not try to find out the real cause behind the problem and concentrate on assisted reproductive techniques to help the couple have a baby. Here are some of the approaches that are followed to solve the problem.

Ř       Intrauterine Insemination

Ř       Expectant Management

Ř       Controlled ovarian hyper-stimulation

Ř       Combined COH/IUI

Ř       In vitro fertilization or IVF

Ř       Intra Cytoplasmic sperm injection or ICSI

Although the precise etiology of unexplained infertility is still unknown to medical science, there are several probabilities that could be considered. These include

ü       Minute changes in follicle development , ovulation as also the luteal phase.

ü       Male partner’s semen analysis displaying sperm concentration and motility at the lower end of the normal range.

Unexplained infertility - explained

Most cases of unexplained infertility are presumably caused due to the presence of multiple factors like the female partner aged 35 or more, the male partner with low normal semen parameters, un-synchronized intercourse, etc., each of which on its own may not significantly affect fertility but can and most probably does reduce the chance of pregnancy when combined together. When compared with the tubal factor, it has been observed that couples with unexplained infertility that are treated with In Vitro Fertilization, demonstrate reduced oocyte fertilization and embryo cleavage while those with tubal factor infertility showed 52% on an average. Furthermore, couples with unexplained infertility had a higher rate of total fertilization failure when treated with IVF than with tubal factor infertility, suggesting that thy probably had subtle functional abnormalities in oocyte and/or sperm function. IVF is the chosen treatment in cases of the female factor, and ICSI usually is the treatment for the male factor. But with unexplained infertility, even the medical team is confused as to what would be the best approach.

However, there are still a few suggestions such as (a) Lifestyle changes; (b) Tubal flushing; (c) Intrauterine Insemination and (d) Treatment with Gonadotropin injections + IUI or IVF. So far as lifestyle changes are concerned, cigarette smoking appears to head the list. Then there is abnormal body mass index and excessive consumption of alcohol. Both the partners are advised to reduce their body mass index (if they are obese), to wear lose clothes, drink less coffee and to reduce the stress from their lives as much as possible. The couple is also advised to engage in sex in particular days of the month when the chance of fertilization is the highest.

Unexplained infertility (though very difficult to be treated with the conventional approach), can be cured completely with treatment following the lines of a holistic approach. This method does not cure the symptoms but goes into the root of the cause and cures the person both in body and the soul. The holistic approach analyzes the person from the inside and tries to find out what the real cause is, and then it suggests Chinese medications, herbs, diet, exercise, lifestyle changes and acupuncture to treat the problem. Because of this, very often, holistic remedies can cure infertility, even those cases where the cause has been termed ‘unexplained’ by the conventional system.

Unexplained Infertility

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Unexplained Infertility

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