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Pregnancy which was a non-issue even a decade ago has suddenly become a major issue today because so many people are trying to get pregnant and failing. Young ladies who were more pre-occupied with how not become pregnant too soon  are now frantically trying to get pregnant as it seems that this is becoming ever more difficult to achieve. It may however be overtly admitted that the fertility factor, both for men and women has been badly affected during the course of the last few years as a result of which, women are now trying to get pregnant with renewed vigor. And this has become a global phenomenon – there are quite a few fertility experts who are now saying that as many as 1 out of every 6 couples are facing problems having a baby.

With the fertility factor displaying a downward trend with each passing year, the matter has come to such an impasse that a holistic approach towards solving the problem may provide the only answer. Holistic way of natural fertility treatment  has become an increasingly popular alternative for couples experiencing difficulty in conceiving a child (or trying to get pregnant) since it endeavors to alleviate fertility problems by aiming at improving the couple’s overall health from all angles including physically, mentally and spiritually.

Traditionally couples trying to have a baby have always approached conventional infertility doctors and they have over the years prescribed many assisted methodologies such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) and some others. However the problem is that, these assisted methodologies mostly fail as the success rate is only about 33%. Plus, there are many harmful side effects that crop up because of the hormone injections the woman has to take to increase the number of eggs she needs to produce to enhance the chances of productive fertilization.

Some things to keep in mind while trying to get pregnant

And since the traditional methods fail most often, people are slowly opting for alternative methods such as holistic remedies. Apart from encouraging the use of herbs and natural supplements, the holistic method adopts fertility enhancing methods that involve the following areas and techniques.

§         Diet that is low in sugar, caffeine and free of alcohol, promoting adequate consumption of organic vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and fruits. While this on one hand reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer, it stimulates the steady flow of reproductive hormones like LH and FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) so very essential in fertilizing the egg. Moreover, holistic diet includes essential minerals like zinc and vitamins A and C that are vital to a woman’s reproductive health.

§         Acupuncture that has been developed by Chinese Taoists more than 3000 years ago today help stimulate the flow of intrinsic energy within the system that rejuvenates the reproductive organs and their functions. With the aid of sterilized acupuncture needles inserted at appropriate acupressure points, the blocked energy flow is released which in turn helps the body to perform its natural reproductive process.

§         Exercise promotes maintaining healthy body weight that is a key factor with female as well as fertility as both overweight and underweight play a decisive role in female fertility.

§         Yoga and meditation are linked with decreased levels of stress and strain that are the root case of mental health problems which in turn affects the reproductive organs and their functions.

§         Aromatherapy that consists of fragrant essential oils which are massaged onto the body and are quickly absorbed through the cell tissues. This eventually reaches the bloodstream through the epidermis where they interact with the reproductive organs, revitalizing them back to their original working condition.

§         Herbal medicine, especially Chinese herbal medicinesin their original fresh and raw form can work wonder with human reproductive organs that have lost vigor and verve. Reliance is given to the therapeutic powers of plants, roots, fruits and flowers of selected herbs that assist the person in regaining fertility in an absolutely natural process.

Couples trying to get pregnant through the above regime have nothing to lose except their infertility, if any. Yes, holistic remedies indeed work the best and this is because this approach first finds out what the real cause is and then suggests the correct treatment that can include Chinese medications, herbs, acupuncture, exercise and diet and lifestyle changes.

Trying to Get Pregnant

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Trying to Get Pregnant

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