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Trying to Get Pregnant Quickly?
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Trying to get pregnant quickly? If you are in a hurry to get pregnant, better think of something else since pregnancy cannot be ordered post haste nor can it be air freighted for urgent delivery within the next forty eight hours. In any case, one has to wait for a month or two to check conception and several months more to see the result. Nevertheless the process can be quickened in which the following factors play key roles.

Ways of get pregnant

Timing the sexual activity accurately may hasten conception instead of the random hit and run process. The fact is, there are some days in the month (depending on the mens. and also the state of ovulation) when the chances of a pregnancy is the highest. The best time for fruitful sexual intercourse would be a couple of days prior to your ovulation date. But remember, though your partnerís sperm can survive in your body for up to 4/5 days, your own egg will wither away within 16 to 18 hours. So, figuring out the exact ovulation date is fairly significant for this purpose and here are the ways to do so.

  • The period between ovulation and the first day of your menstrual cycle that is known as the Luteal Phase consists of 14 days which is fixed for most women.

  • Once ovulation has occurred, the period will commence just 14 days later or to the extent of the Luteal Phase.

  • Try finding out your ovulation date through the Basal Body Temperature technique with the help of a specially calibrated BBT thermometer which will display a slightly higher vaginal temperature when you ovulate.

  • On or close to your ovulation date, your cervical mucus will become thinner as compared to other days when it remains heavier. So, by checking the consistency of the mucus you may be assured of your ovulation date.

  • You can get an idea of your ovulation date with the help of an Ovulation Calculator.†††††

Some more tips on getting pregnant

Here are some other things you should do when you are trying to get pregnant quickly.

†††††††† If you wish to have a quicker conception, you better quit smoking as soon as possible since smoking is liable to reduce your chances of getting pregnant at least by 40%. Studies have revealed that women who smoke regularly have to wait more than a couple of months before they conceive. What is more, smoking not only affects a womanís fertility but at the same time can cause damage to the unborn baby.

†††††††† Keep your body fighting fit by taking vitamins and herbal dietary supplements. While vitamin C will help your partner to enhance his sperm quality which in turn will ensure quick conception, vitamin E will tend to increase fertility for both of you. It has also been observed that women who take Folic Acid have quicker chances of getting pregnant as it helps in the production of eggs.

†††††††† Maintaining healthy body weight is also a key factor in quicker conception. Studies have shown that women with excessive body weight have poor conception rates. Emaciated women also suffer from infertility too often. In fact, fertility gurus always insist on losing weight at the first sitting.

†††††††† Try to remain stress-free if you want to get pregnant quickly. A stressed up body inhibits the flow of sex hormones that will stall conception and delay pregnancy. Try self-meditation to sooth irritated nerves that stand between you and early conception.

†††††††† To ensure perfect impregnation, practice missionary position as in this position the sperm get deposited closest to the cervix.

If you are trying to get pregnant quickly, you may want to turn to holistic remedies, particularly if there is a medical reason that is the problem. Unlike the conventional system that promotes assisted reproductive techniques without trying to find out the real problem, the holistic approach first finds out the real cause and then suggests Chinese medicines, herbs, exercise, diet and lifestyle changes and even acupuncture to solve the issue. Over the years, the holistic approach has consistently given better results to all those people who want to have a baby.

Trying to Get Pregnant Quickly

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Trying to Get Pregnant Quickly

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