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Though the idea of giving tips on how to get pregnant to a young couple may sound as farcical as teaching a fish how to swim, it may prove quite practical as there are many a slip between the cup and the lip. Also consider the fact that a lot more young people these days are having problems when they are trying to have a baby. Getting pregnant may prove elementary to most, but few can realize the immensity of issues that pave the way for pregnancy. For instance, there can be a number of problems that may be coming in the way and often, many of the causes remain unidentified . In any event, tips on how to get pregnant is much too relevant for couples (newly married or not) that are desirous of having an offspring.

Few important tips on how to get pregnant

Tip # 1 Before wasting a year trying to get pregnant, it might be a better idea to have a thorough physical examination to make sure that there are no cysts or masses in the pelvic area or any chronic vaginal infection. The doctor may, if he/she feels necessary, check for ovarian cysts , fibroids. endometriosis or other pelvic inflammatory diseases and take care of them so that pregnancy may have a chance.

Tip # 2 Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and this goes for both men and women. It is not only good in terms of getting pregnant but is also beneficial for the ultimate result, i.e., the offspring.

Tip # 3 Indulge in sex around the time of ovulation when the woman’s egg is capable of being fertilized by the male sperm for a limited period (12 to 22 hours) after it is released from the ovary. As the sperm and the egg must interact with each other for an embryo to be formed, the intending couple should have sex every 72 hours during the female ovulation. According to some female fertility gurus, this may be reduced to every 48 hours.

Tip # 4 Males may discharge every two to three days for the best result. They should also do it at least once every two or three days all through the month to keep up their sperm supply and also maintain good quality sperm.

Tip # 5 ­– Men should try to keep their testicles cool as researchers have found that heat can cause mass murder of spermatozoa. In fact, that’s probably why the testicles are outside the body and are thus free from normal body heat. Avoid hot water tubs as far as possible and wear boxer shorts as casual wear. Tight underwear is also detrimental to sperm health as are car seat covers with animal hair.

Tip # 6 ­– Practice Yoga or other methods to eliminate stress. While it seriously interferes with menstruation in the female, stress no doubt plays hell with the libido, the primary sexual driving force for males.

Tip # 7 Get rid of alcohol and drug habits as soon as possible. High alcohol intake and marijuana smoking can throw hormones out of balance (true for both men and women). Moreover, drugs have severely damaging effects on sperm production.

Tip # 8 Stop taking self-prescribed over-the-counter analgesics as they are likely to impair fertility. Besides, they can inhibit ovulation and conception. In fact, it can be helpful if all medication is stopped forthwith, barring those prescribed by the physician.

Tip # 9 Lubricating gels, creams or suppositories must be stopped as some of these are endowed with sperm killing qualities. Besides, most of them, according to fertility experts, impair the sperm’s natural motive to travel through the woman’s reproductive tract and fertilize the egg.

Now here are some tips on how to get pregnant for all those couples who have a medical problem. There are many who make the mistake of opting for conventional therapies not knowing that the success rate is quite low and they come with many side effects as well. The fact is, holistic remedies work best for fertility. The holistic approach first finds out the real cause of the problem and then suggests a remedy which can be Chinese medicines, herbs, diet and lifestyle changes, exercise and even acupuncture to deliver the results. Holistic remedies almost always work much better than conventional therapies for fertility.

Tips on How to Get Pregnant

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Tips on How to Get Pregnant

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