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Symptoms of Infertility:

The first and foremost symptom of infertility is the inability or disability to conceive and become pregnant. Unfortunately this rude reality does not come to light till the couple gets frustrated after incessant attempts to make it happen and then encounters defeat. Also, an array of social and emotional stress for childlessness gets written large on their faces that anyone can read. However, the social scenario that used to depict a happy family in the form of a husband wife and a child has somehow, over the yearís undergone drastic changes. At least in the eyes of the Western world today, a happy couple need not necessarily include a child.

Nevertheless, both eastern as well the occidental world admits the necessity of a progeny for furtherance of the human race and security during lifeís afternoon hours and therefore, seeks the company of children. And thatís precisely why fertility clinics have mushroomed all over the world at an unbelievably fast rate in their endeavor to provide children to childless couples. The reason for their proliferation is also because of the fact that infertility seems to be rising globally. In fact now, medical experts say that 1 in every 6 couples are having problems.

What are the various causes and symptoms of infertility?

Coming back to our theme, symptoms of infertility varies between the male and the female. While those for the male are comparatively easier to detect, female symptoms of infertility could be a complex issue. However, the commonest form of female infertility symptom relates to her irregular menstrual cycle. A normal period length varies between 25 and 35 days with the average length being 28 days. When a womanís period greatly differs from this, it is a signal that her fertility is being compromised. Experiencing irregular cycles once in a blue moon may be ignored, but consistent pattern of irregular cycles indicate problems with her reproductive system. For instance, if a woman is experiencing short periods, this can be a symptom of a luteal phase defect. This flaw can often arise on account of a number of interrelated factors, one of them being low level of progesterone which again can cause miscarriage.

Long cycles on the other hand, can mean fewer opportunities for conception in a given year. Insulin resistance can also be implicated with lengthy menstrual cycles signaling underlying metabolic anomaly while very infrequent cycles (9 or less over a year) is indicative of polycystic ovarian syndrome which prevents conception. Unusually heavy bleeding due to the impact of excess estrogen also indicates hormonal imbalance which has profound negative effect on the reproductive system.

Abrupt gain in bodyweight could be another symptom of infertility in both makes and females for the simple reason that this abnormality has been caused due to hormonal imbalance which again triggers infertility. Conversely, lack of nutrition in very thin women can also disturb the hormonal balance, making her infertile.

Symptoms of infertility in men suffering from andropause can be easily identified with the following external as well as internal features.

  • Excessive wrinkling and drying of the skin
  • Excessive and abnormal loss of hair
  • Body fat gain, especially in the abdominal area
  • Hot flushes, frequent sweating
  • Decreased libido
  • Nervousness, irritability and anxiety neurosis
  • Fatigue
  • Unaccountable depression

However, these symptoms will go away if the person is treated for infertility according to the holistic principle which may include total change of lifestyle. There are conventional treatments of course such as IVF and ICSI , but the fact is that the success rate is low (about 33%) and also, there are many side effects too which arise due to the increased hormones in the body from the injections to get more eggs for artificial reproduction techniques. Holistic remedies on the other hand analyzes what the real reason is and then suggests Chinese medications, acupuncture, exercise, lifestyle changes and other means to resolve the issue. And thus, the symptoms of infertility and infertility itself can be best resolved with the holistic approach.

Symptoms of Infertility

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Symptoms of Infertility

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