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Sure Ways to Get Pregnant : Exposed

Are there any sure ways to get pregnant? We shall see. Though pregnancy may be considered a natural phenomenon when both the partners are medically fit, but yet, people often look for sure ways to get pregnant , particularly when there are some problems. The fact is, there are many couples who are trying to have a baby desperately but failing and this surely leads to frustration and agony. Then there are those couples who can have a baby, but face problems when trying to have a second one. In fact, infertility experts are now saying that as many as 1 out of every 6 couples are facing problems having a baby and this problem seems to be global.

Some sure ways of becoming pregnant fast

However, here are a few fertility tips or sure ways to get pregnant that may help you:

1)Instead of wasting time with endless trials, it might be a better idea to have your Ob/GYN checked for probable infertility caused due to polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, development of uterine fibroids, hypothalamic amenorrhea and pelvic inflammatory disease that include STD. As most of these diseases are medically curable, you may seek appropriate remedial measures after which pregnancy would be a breeze;

2)There might also be a need to find out whether there is a hormonal problem due to thyroid-pituitary malfunctioning. This can make you temporarily infertile. Chances are that you are also suffering from progesterone deficiency which affects egg implantation within the uterus, which can lead to miscarriage even after you have become pregnant. Appropriate remedial measures, if timely taken, will ensure that you will not only become pregnant but will also be able to deliver the baby successfully;

3)Check your lifestyle factors, some of which may prevent pregnancy. These include a high protein diet, alcoholism, smoking, drugs, late night dancing, irregular or scanty sleeping habit and grossly irregular living. However, you can alter your daily diet by replacing red meat with fresh vegetables and fruit. Add whole grain bread, cereals, legume and other forms of organic food; reduce or avoid alcoholic beverages and quit smoking for good. These steps, if taken correctly, will surely help in pregnancy;

4)Find out your ovulation day and have sex a couple of days prior to this. Since the male sperm can survive up to 4 days within your body, it sure will get the chance to interact with the egg, even if it is released a day or two later. In order to be doubly assured, have sex three times a week, no matter if you have miscalculated the ovulation date by a day or two;

5)Ask your partner to wear loose-fitting underwear and relaxed-fitting pants to keep his testicles cool. Studies have revealed that heated testicles produce lesser sperm. Also ask him to avoid hot tubs. Remove the leather car seat cover that is adorned with animal hair. Even God has not overlooked this important issue and thatís why this significant fertility tool has been kept outside the body to escape body heat;

6)Avoid consuming over-the-counter pain killers and very potent analgesics as they are likely to impair fertility. Moreover, these medications can inhibit ovulation and conception;

7)Give up or reduce the intake of coffee. According to reports published by the Center for the Evaluation of Risks to Human Reproduction at the National Institute of Health, drinking more than one cup of coffee lowers the tendency to conceive. Cut it out totally as a sure way to get pregnant.

 Other sure ways to get pregnant involve turning to the holistic approach, particularly when there is a medical issue because of which you are unable to conceive. The holistic approach works from within the body and identifies the real cause and then suggests a remedy that can be Chinese medicines, herbs, diet and lifestyle changes, exercise and acupuncture so that the cause can be removed and you can get pregnant . On the other hand, the conventional approach just suggests assisted reproduction techniques that work rarely and come with side effects as well.

sure ways to get pregnant

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sure ways to get pregnant

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