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Stress and Infertility:
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Almost everyone agrees that there is a relationship between stress and infertility. However, it is rather difficult to assess whether stress causes infertility or infertility causes stress! The other side of the picture is also bewildering to some extent. There are people who cannot concentrate when they are in a stressful situation while others perform best when they are stressed up. Moreover, spontaneity provides joy in sex, not clinical performance (as is customary in infertility cases) which invariably releases the air out of the sexy balloon. As a matter of fact, the issue itself – sex versus fertility – love in time of cholera – love versus lovemaking – is so complex that even fertility gurus often get stressed up, trying to arrive at the right decision.

Looking back, we may wonder how our forefathers could have five, six, seven or eight children out of a single marriage. Having three sisters and two brothers was part of a common family scene. Was it possible because the earlier generation lived a less stressful life or financial stress was not as acute as it is today? Who knows!

How is stress and infertility related?

Nevertheless, stress certainly affects fertility as it does to other bodily functions. Since stress creates indigestion problem, ventricular problem, irregular bowel syndrome , certain types of acne, etc., there is no reason as to why it will not affect ovulation or become responsible for poor sperm count.

However, to narrow down the corridor of reasons that give a clue to what role stress plays in infertility, let us delve a little deeper into the various stress factors that involve couples desirous of having a child.

To begin with, tests for infertility are stressful enough for a joyful and fruitful sex. Some of the following factors may emotionally affect couples that have been diagnosed as infertile and are probably in the course of undergoing treatment.

  • Anguish associated with the diagnosis
  • Doubts about outcome of infertility treatment
  • Sense of losing control over everything
  • Loss of self-confidence
  • Financial worries
  • Marital juggernaut
  • Sexual pressure
  • Family pressure

 When a person is diagnosed with a terminal disease, he/she encounters a sense of peril, a peremptory pronouncement of leaving the near and dear ones for a journey towards the unknown. But if the same person is diagnosed with infertility, he/she is filled with anguish. “Why me?” comes the inevitable question to which neither the doctor nor the spouse has a ready response. Besides, going through diagnostic tests and then trying to conceive can be exasperatingly stressful.

Uncertainty about the selection of a particular line of treatment (though often prompted by the expert) can also give rise to stress. Whether that will provide the desired result or not may take the night’s sleep out from both the spouses. What happens when it fails is yet another stressful conclusion.

When a “successful” couple that have worked hard and achieved all that was achievable in life is suddenly confronted with a bizarre problem which is simple enough for others but utterly difficult for them – producing a child, can make them lose control over everything.

Stress and infertility can definitely beat the self-confidence and self esteem of the couple when there is a dearth of fertility. The stress of infertility can create a sense of void and often a sense of guilt among them that leads to complete loss of self-confidence.

Then there are the financial worries involving expensive treatment procedures that can not be reimbursed through insurance. This gives rise to stress too for which there is hardly any solution left.

Infertility diagnosis and related problems frequently affect marriage relationships. Spouse with the infertility factor becomes stressfully apprehensive, fearing that the ‘normal’ partner might leave him/her in search of one that can help deliver a child.

What kinds of stress causes infertility?

Among some of the stress creating factors, one that dominates most is the demand to have intercourse at pre-determined time and date (cycle measurement). This may provoke irritation and severe inconvenience when one has to work late or is out on a business trip. Moreover, sex can hardly be compared to a pre-determined business lunch where the host and the guest congregate only to discuss urgent business at hand.

Sometimes family pressure can cause severe stress on couples. This is displayed most on family reunions or when parents visit their successful but infertile sons and daughters. “Why there is no grandson for me, Bob?” is a typical question that is difficult to answer for Robert or Elisa.

Nevertheless, it is possible to come out of the cycle of stress and infertility, if only the holistic method of treatment is adopted. Unlike the conventional approach, the holistic method first finds out what the real cause of the problem is and then suggests Chinese medicines , herbs, lifestyle and diet changes, exercise and acupuncture to achieve the desired results. And these results with the holistic approach are much better than the conventional methods.

stress and infertility

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stress and infertility

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