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Sure-Fire Steps to Become PREGNANT

The following steps will definitely help you to become pregnant . The important thing to remember before trying all these steps is not to try too hard. Very few women get pregnant in the first month itself, when they try to get pregnant. It pays to be patient as you will avoid bringing unnecessary stress on your partner and you.

Stop the use of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs as they can reduce your fertility as well as cause harm to the unborn child when the intercourse process is successful between your partner and you. Your partner also needs to do the same to enhance his fertility. 

Some very important steps to get pregnant

You should have regular sex with your partner thrice a week. And this should be done on every alternate day. This will help you as you will not miss on any opportunity in a month for getting pregnant. You should have sex with your partner before ovulation itself. This is because a sperm can survive for a period of 3-5 days but your egg cannot last more than 12-24 hours after it is ovulated by your body. Your partner and you should enjoy the process of sex because if it is more enjoyable, the chances of a greater sperm count for your partner and the sperm getting pulled into your uterus automatically increases.

A visit to a doctor before you start the process of getting pregnant is a must, as your doctor will check if you have any infections, weaknesses or any other kind of sexually transmitted diseases. Never depend on a calendar for your ovulation period. This is because every woman doesn’t have menstrual cycle of 28 days. Thus your calculations can go wrong if you use the calendar and you will thus miss out on the most fertile days in your cycle. Using an ovulation kit is a must as many women cannot predict the period of ovulation in their body accurately. An ovulation kit will help you to find out the most fertile days of your body . Always lie down for sometime after having sex. Place a pillow under your hips to guide and help the sperm to reach its destination. All the above mentioned steps will help you to get pregnant.

You need to follow a holistic approach if you want to get pregnant. Your chances of pregnancy always increase if all your body functions perform at the highest level. This is easily possible if you follow the natural path of holistic approach. Try to keep your emotional, physical and mental sate of mind well-balanced by following a holistic approach. When you are happy and relaxed, all the steps taken by you to become pregnant will work successfully.

Steps To Become Pregnant

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Steps To Become Pregnant

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