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Smoking†And Infertility:
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Smoking and infertility are closely related to each other. Thatís why in case you are trying for a baby; you need to be aware about the ill-effects of smoking and how it can affect your chances of pregnancy. Smoking can affect the fertility of men as it has been found out to reduce their sperm count. On the other hand, it is equally harmful in the case of women, as it can cause deterioration in the quality of the eggs.

Even the effect of passive smoking is harmful to you and your unborn child. So try to be away from the smoke generated by a cigarette. Cigarettes are harmful because they contain a number of toxic particles which can enter the blood when a man smokes it. And obviously once it enters the blood stream; it definitely finds its way to the semen in a manís body. This then leads to infertility in a man. The number of men affected by smoking is increasing year after year. If you are a woman and have the habit of smoking , then the tobacco found in your cigarette, will bring negative changes in the cervical mucus of your body. This in turn will create problems for your partnerís sperm as it will not help the sperm in reaching its destination Ė the egg in your body.

Smoking causes infertility: you HAVE to give up the stick!

We all know that smoking is an addiction which most people donít want to give up. But your partner and you will need to show strong willpower to give it up, if you want to plan for a child. Donít wait till you want to get pregnant to stop smoking. Both of youíll will need to keep a reasonable gap before you plan for a baby. Remember smoking causes infertility Ė stop it at the earliest if you want to avoid its ill effects.

Smoking And Infertility

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The holistic approach is your best bet if you want to give up smoking. It encourages you to avoid the use of harmful substances like tobacco. Also it helps you to control your mind so that you can lead a life without needing to resort to any sort of addiction. Holistic approach helps you to get cured completely of all types of problems from within. It will encourage you to eat food which is healthy and beneficial for your system. Thus you will be able to get rid of smoking and thus prevent infertility in both of you.

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Smoking And Infertility

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