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Signs of Infertility:
Initial Diagnosis is the First Step
to Treatment

Human fertility depends on a multitude of factors that include instinct, culture, individual sexual behavior pattern, individual health, mood and mental health, nutrition, endocrinology , timing, economics, emotions and way of life. Any one of them going haywire can adversely affect fertility on part of the male or the female, rendering him or her infertile (not impotent). And it is always beneficial if we can identify the signs of infertility early.

Ovalution Cycle - one of the signs to look out for

Women have hormonal cycles that determine when she can achieve pregnancy, provided the man is fully potent. However, while the female cycle covers a 28-day period, the male cycle (yes men too have hormonal cycles) is rather inconsistent. Although men can generate sperm and ejaculate at any time of the month or day, studies have shown that their sperm quality often deteriorates, not tallying with their internal cycle. This can also have an adverse effect on their fertility or the power of impregnation. Age, too can have a telling effect on fertility for both sexes.

However, we are here not to discuss fertility but to look for signs of infertility in men and women that are often presented in a shrouded fashion. Among the loads of signs and symptoms of infertility, the commonest form that relates to a woman is her irregular menstrual cycle . However, it can indicate a lot of other problems not directly linked to infertility as such. But by and large, it is one of the positive signs that a female displays when she is likely to be infertile.

Obesity and infertility

Yet another sign of infertility in women is linked to her body weight . This does not mean that only an obese female is likely to suffer from infertility as a paper thin siren can jolly well face the same problem. Lack of nutrition can jeopardize her hormonal balance on one hand while intense narrowness of the hip can affect her ability to bear children or to internally nurse the fetus. Conversely, obese women can also suffer from hormonal problems that may have an effect on their reproductive system. Alcohol abuse may be a cause of her infertility and not a sign of becoming barren. Nevertheless, taking alcohol over time no doubt leads to prolonged period of infertility till the habit is broken and normalcy returns.

Here are some other medical signs of infertility. Sometimes the woman may also have a twisted ovary that makes it very difficult for her to become pregnant. In other cases, the ovary can be positioned in such an odd angle that it becomes almost impossible for the sperm to swim up and enter it thus making her virtually infertile. Ovarian cyst can be another sign of infertility as this can also come in the way.

Signs of infertility in men are rather difficult to guess. A macho male or a hoodlum may look awesome to others but his sperm count or motality rate might disqualify him in terms of fertility while an apparent weakling can become a father every time he cohabits with a female. However, obese males usually tend to become less virile, as compared to their sturdy counterparts. While age is another positive indication of loss of virility in many males, anatomic or physical problems often indicate the same in others.

Signs of infertility in men suffering from Male Menopause (Andropause ) that are listed below can also be recognized easily.

  • Excessive loss of hair
  • Body fat gain, particularly in the abdominal area
  • Wrinkling and drying of skin
  • Decreased libido
  • fatigue
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Hot flushes, sweating
  • Nervousness, irritability and anxiety neurosis
  • Reduced motivation, apathy
  • Depression.

However, signs of infertility can be banished from both male and female human beings if they are treated according to holistic principles that can turn them back again into normal fertile persons. While conventional treatments and medications try to solve the problem, but most often they fail to do so because they do not try to find out what is the real cause of infertility. Conventional treatments and medications also cause harmful side effects. Holistic remedies goes deep into the human body and identifies the real problem and then suggests Chinese medications, diets, herbs, exercise and acupuncture to heal the body from the inside and remove the cause of infertility. That is why holistic remedies work so well for infertility.

Signs of Infertility

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Signs of Infertility

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