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Secondary Infertility:
Here's the SOLUTION

Secondary infertility , incidentally, is no ‘old wives tales’ but it is a common occurrence that few people try to realize. What really happens is that most couples believe that once they have got a child, the stork will knock at their door whenever they ask for it. But the reality tells a different story. For many couples, this really happens. In fact often, the couple may have the first child very easily, but they face a lot of problems in trying to have the second one.

Unless the symptoms of secondary infertility are totally removed through proper treatment, the unfortunate couple can never see the face of another child. In fact, it accounts for as much as 60% of infertility cases in theUS. The truth is that, it mostly gets unnoticed till people are tired of trying to get another child and start blaming each other for the ill-fated situation. To be precise, secondary infertility may be defined as the disability or inability on part of the female to conceive or continue another pregnancy to full term after successfully conceiving one or more children. According to the survey conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics (1995 report), around 3.3 million American women experienced secondary infertility which proved worse than the 1988 record that indicated much lesser females (2.7 million) who had suffered similar fate.

The worst part of the whole story involves medical professionals not being exposed to specialized fertility training that go on advising patients to keep on trying for conception, little knowing that either of the patients have fallen victim to secondary infertility. It is not that such encouragement all goes in vain because miracles do happen among couples but under usual circumstances, the results are generally nil.

Nevertheless, the reasons for secondary infertility tend to be similar to those relating to the primary unproductiveness involving the partners. The only difference being addition of new factors like excessive weight gain, infection, heavy drinking, lack of exercise and undue stress on part of the male that result in low sperm count. With women, the picture is a little more complex. She may have developed ovulation problems at a later stage or has contracted endometriosis. Pelvic adhesions and uterine fibroids or polyps can also cause secondary infertility. Alternatively, her egg quality might have deteriorated with advancing age.

What are the symptoms of secondary infertility?

Here are some of the symptoms of secondary infertility – irregular painful periods, unusually heavy or burning vaginal discharge, while the male may experience low libido, difficult or painful ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Although fertility enhancers can temporarily solve the problem, without going deep into it and curing infertility at the core level, but do keep in mind that they also come with harmful side effects. Alternative modes of treatment , administered according to guidelines provided through the holistic approach will prove to be the best line of treatment for secondary infertility. This includes acupuncture for both partners along with Chinese herbs that have amazing effect on both primary as well as secondary infertility.

The holistic line of treatment also advocates non-invasive treatment through Naturopathy, Aromatherapy, Homeopathy and herbs in their original form. Acupuncture is fast becoming an acceptable mode of treatment in the United States for couples suffering from secondary infertility . It has proved to be particularly effective when associated with proper diet and regulated lifestyle free of tea, coffee or cocoa, meat and fish, alcoholic beverages and spicy food. Holistic approach towards cure of secondary infertility also professes for simple living as close to nature as possible and plenty of exercise. Actually the holistic approach reaches deep into the body and tries to identify the root causes and then does what is needed to fix the real issues.

Secondary infertility

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Secondary infertility

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