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What exactly is propolis infertility? In this article we are trying to find this out and also examining the best answer to infertility problems that have skyrocketed in recent times. In fact, infertility specialists are now saying that 1 out of every 6 couples is now having a problem to have a baby.

Does Propolis help in the cure of infertility?

Parents, when delivering metaphorical stories to their little children about birds and bees (primary sex education) seldom fathom the range of services that bees provide humanity with, beyond the fact that they gather honey for us. Bees collect a resinous substance called Propolis from leaves, buds and bark of trees to protect their hives from disease and destruction. Studies have revealed that this resinous substance forms an effective treatment for infertility as well, particularly one that is associated with early stages of endometriosisin women.

Although researchers are still unaware as to how this is achieved by Propolis, but they have observed that the bee Propolis is capable of several pharmacological actions, including inhibition of Aromatase, an enzyme which plays a dominant role in estrogen metabolism. Several isolated studies on the benefits of Propolis on women with infertility and endometriosis have confirmed that consumption of 500 mg of Propolis twice daily resulted in improving the pregnancy rate by as much as 60% as against 20% with women who were treated with other medications. Many call this the propolis infertility effect.

Interestingly enough, the bee Propolis also have excellent beneficial effect in defective sperm function, one of the commonest causes of male infertility. Also, sperm preparation techniques such as centrifugation which is used prior to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF a common assisted fertilization method applied mostly in a female factor case) that are associated with generation of ROS or Reactive Oxygen Species can be boosted with the help of Propolis. This observation formed a part of a study designated to examine In Vitro the effect of a Chilean Propolis extract on human spermatozoa treated with Benzo(a)pyrene along with exogenous ROS.

But not only that there are other observations as well. The experimental evidence also demonstrated the fact that the natural drug under investigation was able to protect genomic DNA from damage that is induced by Benzo(a)pyrene, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in combination with adenosine 5 di-phosphate (ADP) and ferrous sulfate (FeSO4), showing a significant reduction of intercellular oxidants. However, the Propolis extract was found to possess the ability to protect sperm membrane from the harmful action of oxidative aggression while reducing the thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances (TBARS) and LDH release. In conclusion, the results evidenced that the protective outcome of the natural compound (Propolis) on human spermatozoa correlated (partly) to the antioxidant ability of its active ingredients, suggesting that Propolis may play an active role in safeguarding male fertility.

More uses of Propolis as a cure

Apart from it magical effect in curing human infertility, the bee Propolis serves as an excellent side effect free antibiotic in treating sexually transmitted diseases. The amazing natural product can be used in burn injuries, as a mouthwash and as a skin toner. It is believed to help production of collagen and elaston the two vitally important skin components and restores damaged skin.

But do not be carried away with the results of the propolis infertility effect. A lot of research is still needed on the subject before we can come to a conclusion. As of today, the best way to get rid of infertility is to opt for holistic remedies and not the conventional therapies. That is because the conventional approach (assisted reproductive methods ) gives results only in about 33% cases and then there are side effects too. On the other hand the holistic approach delves deeper and finds out the real causes and then suggests the most appropriate remedy that can be Chinese medicines, herbs, acupuncture, exercise and diet and lifestyle changes. And because of this, the success rate of the holistic approach is much more.

propolis infertility

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propolis infertility

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