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Prometrium Use and Its Effects on Infertility: Pros and Cons

Prometrium is a drug used in infertility that escalaties the quantity of progesterone your body requires during pregnancy. Progesterone is a female hormone required for the effective functioning of the reproductive system. It also protects the lining of the uterus. When progesterone levels are low, women (before their menopause ) are not able to conceive as this adversely affects their menstrual and ovulation cycle. In such a case when there is lack of natural progesterone in the body, Prometrium is given so that a woman gets her menstrual periods and is ready to conceive.

When Prometrium is used for infertility , it is usually given till a woman conceives but sometimes; Prometrium is also used to prevent miscarriages. In such a case, Prometrium is given both, before and after conception. Prometrium can be administered in the form of pills, injections or vaginal suppositories depending on your situation. Your physician will be the best judge about the method that works the best for you.

The dosage amount of Prometrium used in infertility may vary from person to person. Make sure you have taken all your medical tests, including your blood and thyroid tests. Speak with your doctor clearly as to the dose of progesterone that you require. Also, let your doctor go through the side effects with you so that you are completely aware what you may be going in for. Headaches, stomach cramps, mood swings, fever, constipation, lethargy and tenderness in breasts are some common reactions to the drug. Some not so common ones include shortness of breath, seizures, vaginal bleeding and severe chest pain. Inform your doctor right away about these serious side effects before to avoid further complications.

How safe is Prometrium in curing infertility? 

Most of the fertility drugs prescribed by doctors are safe but Prometrium used in infertility is the only drug which is FDA approved. However, all fertility drugs including Prometrum come with their share of side-effects. Consult with your doctor if this is the only way out for you. Make sure you have tried out all possible alternative methods of healing such as acupuncture , herbal and vitamin supplements along with a few lifestyle changes. Some of the most common causes of infertility are stress and an unbalanced lifestyle.

Some natural ways to enhance your fertility include leading a disciplined, holistic life, eating natural and healthy foods, sleeping and eating on time, having sex frequently with your partner (at least 3 times a week) and being content and happy in every situation.

Prometrium Used In Infertility

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Prometrium Used In Infertility

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