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Want To Know The BEST Positions To Get Pregnant?

Sexual positions to get pregnant are not exactly a midwifeís tale but rooted in scientific facts and of course, a little bit of common sense. If you want to get pregnant, just having sex during your ovulation may not be enough. While making love, you need to be in a position where your partnerís penis is able to penetrate into the cervix as much as possible (the missionary position ). Some doctors advice putting a pillow under a womanís hips to make sure there is no leakage of sperms out of the cervix. Also, this is a recommended position to get pregnant because the sperm reaches the egg quicker as compared with any other pose.

Avoid having sex in standing positions as this may cause the sperm to leak out. Also, after intercourse, donít get up immediately for the same reason as mentioned earlier. In fact, experts suggest keeping your hips elevated for up to thirty minutes after intercourse. Now, thatís of course entirely up to you and your situation.

Can positions help in choosing the sex of your baby?

This may be a little hard to believe but there are not only positions to get pregnant but also, positions that will help you choose the sex of your still-to-conceive baby. It is said to conceive a girl, your partner needs to have low penetration. It is said the boy sperms are fast and small sized while the girl sperms are slow and strong. Using deep penetration will give the male sperms a short and quick trip because these boys donít really want to wait. This also ensures they donít have to travel too far. Sounds familiar, eh?

While positions to get pregnant are important, they should not be your all-encompassing concern as there are many other aspects that come into play. These include timing (before and during ovulation), health, age, nutrition and routines are other factors that can help a couple conceive faster. One needs to keep away from caffeine, abusive substances, alcohol, late nights and lead a natural and holistic lifestyle as far as possible. You may be having sex as per your ovulation cycle , timing it perfectly, following all the recommended positions to get pregnant but if you donít have a hold over your habits and lead a disciplined way of life, then you are obviously missing the whole point. Do you really think you would be in a position to take responsibility for another individual ?

Positions To Get Pregnant

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Positions To Get Pregnant

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