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Does Naltrexone Cure Infertility?

The use of low dose Naltrexone (LDN) for infertility is heralded as a breakthrough by some doctors. Infertility, according to medical experts, is an endorphin deficiency state and LDN increases endorphin levels and strengthens the immune system. Endorphins are compounds that are known to function as neurotransmitters that help in learning and co-ordination along with regulating the reproductive hormones.

Naltrexone for infertility is currently being used off label since the last decade. It is also being touted as a treatment for frequent miscarriages, persistent fatigue and lethargy, stress disorders and endometriosis.

A word of caution here, Naltrexone may work as a wonder drug for infertility but there are several complications and contraindications associated with LDN. It has been noted that Naltrexone if given in high amounts, can damage vital organs like the kidneys and the liver; therefore they should be strictly kept away from patients with diseases of these organs. Mild side-effects include irregular sleep, headaches and nausea; these side-effects subside in a couple of weeks. However, there are about 5% among patients who are completely intolerant to LDN and in such a case, it must be discontinued immediately.

Also care should be taken not to mix LDN with immunosuppressive drugs like steroids. It should not be given to patents who are being treated with pain relieving medications because Naltrexone slows down their effects and causes nausea/ vomiting; a side-effect that can last up to 48 hours. Because of the low doses of Naltrexone for infertility, (LDN), side effects are mild and rare.

But is Naltrexone really safe as a cure for infertility?

Naltrexone is not a licensed drug for infertility though it has been approved by the FDA for rehabilitating alcoholics and drug addicts. Anything other than getting pregnant with natural methods should be used very carefully. Get your tests done (thyroid, iron calcium levels) before you go the family way. Take your multivitamins along with folic acid as these can help to boost your fertility . Visit a doctor if your period is irregular as this will definitely affect your ovulation.

Avoid caffeine and get into a healthy, holistic eating pattern; avoid too much protein recent studies have concluded that extra protein in your diet can hamper your chances of conceiving. These days there are also a lot of alternate therapies for infertility such as acupuncture and de-stressing programs to combat infertility. Make sure you have tried out these natural fertility boosters before you start taking drugs which may or may not create complications.

Naltrexone For Infertility

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Naltrexone For Infertility

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