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How Is Melatonin
Used To Cure Infertility?

Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland that regulates our sleeping cycle. Now, it is proven that melatonin works as a great infertility cure. It provides a safe and successful treatment option for women battling with infertility. Melatonin is a simple natural treatment that can be used in the second half of the menstrual cycle to enhance fertility.

Having said this, it is also important to watch the amount of melatonin you are taking for enhancing your fertility. It is said that high doses of melatonin can increase your prolactin levels and cause temporary infertility . Make sure that your doctor checks your prolactin levels. Also, considering the fact that Melatonin is being pushed forward as fertility enhancer, it is a cause for concern. Some medical experts have gone on to say that taking melatonin as an infertility cure may just make matters worse. According to them, Melatonin is said to reduce levels of follicle stimulating hormone, thus reducing fertility. And now, researchers are planning to come up with an oral contraceptive that has a heavy 75 mg dose of melatonin with progestin.

Is Melatonin really a Miracle Cure for Infertility?

These contrary reports have however not deterred women from using melatonin for infertility cure. In several cases it has worked well. Many doctors have claimed melatonin as a miracle cure for infertility as some of their patients who were resistant to conventional fertility treatment like IVF and IUI, successfully conceived within 3 6 months.

Today, infertility is becoming increasing common among couples, leading to additional stress. There are a whole lot of treatments to choose from, depending on your circumstances. These treatments could be surgical, prescriptive or natural. Melatonin for infertility cure is considered a safe and natural cure by some and not so safe by others. However, it is best first to exhaust all means of preventive measures that are available. Sometimes, it is as simple as following a few guidelines such as having sex before and during ovulation , having it frequently-at least thrice a week, getting a full check-up including your thyroid.

More importantly, it is necessary to lead a holistic, healthy life and avoid any kind of substance abuse. Researchers have said that exceeding four cups of coffee can reduce your fertility by 50%. Have a nutritious, fibrous diet, eat and sleep well, avoid stress and be in a happy state of mind. All these factors may or may not help you with your infertility situation but they will definitely improve the quality of your life.

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