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Low Progesterone Infertility:
How to GET RID of it

Low progesterone is one of the main reasons many women find it hard to conceive or carry a baby to full term. Progesterone plays an essential role in the female reproductive system. While it helps the uterus wall to thicken and get ready for ovulation and implantation of the fertilized egg, lack of progesterone can also cause miscarriages, especially in the first 12 weeks after conception. So, it is absolutely crucial that the body produces the right amount of progesterone required. Many women use the holistic approach to treat low progesterone infertility which includes a total change in lifestyle and use of herbal remedies.

Progesterone and how it works

·         Progesterone is a hormone produced by egg follicles found in the ovary after ovulation occurs. It helps regulate the menstrual cycle and also raises the body’s basal temperature, an indication that ovulation is taking place or is imminent. When an egg is not fertilized successfully, progesterone levels drop causing the uterus wall to thin out and exit the body during the woman’s period. Progesterone levels rise rapidly after ovulation, so one of the best ways for a woman to keep an eye on her progesterone levels is to chart her basal body temperature during the menstrual cycle. A blood test can also detect a low progesterone problem.

·         Implantation of the egg takes place during the luteal or latter phase of the menstrual cycle. Not enough progesterone in the body shortens this phase. That does not leave enough time for fertilization and implantation, since the egg starts degenerating within 12 hours of its release. If fertilization is successful, progesterone production rises, helping to protect the fetus. However, if there is a sudden drop, the woman risks miscarrying.

Treatment and cure

·         Conventional methods to maintain correct levels of progesterone include the use of progesterone creams, oral medication, injections and vaginal suppositories. Research has found that this kind of therapy has a 70 percent success rate but it is quite expensive and can have side effects. Some common ones are vomiting, diarrhea, feeling dizzy and tired, dryness in the mouth, headaches, mood swings, swelling of the hands and feet, cramps in the stomach and tenderness in the muscles and breasts.

·         There are alternative treatments available which have little or no side effects. One is the holistic approach which helps to get to the heart of the problem and eliminate it. There are other natural remedies like aromatherapy and naturopathy. The latter uses natural elements like air, water and sunshine to help the body heal itself while aromatherapy uses different essential oils extracted from herbs for different problems. These oils reach the organs that need healing by being absorbed into the blood stream after they have been massaged into the skin.

Nowadays more and more women choose to have babies later in life — mostly between 35 and 40 and sometimes even later — when they are more settled in their careers and life. For them, the holistic approach is best as it strengthens the body and prepares it for the rigors of pregnancy. The holistic approach looks to heal the woman wholly — taking the physical, mental and spiritual aspects into consideration as well as the changes that need to be made in diet, exercise and lifestyle. It offers Chinese herbal medicine which uses extracts from fresh flowers, roots, the bark and fruit of certain trees and plants to treat irregular periods, enhance fertility and manage hormone imbalances. This type of therapy is usually accompanied by acupuncture that brings all aspects of the body into alignment and yoga to reduce stress. The holistic approach is a slow process and it can take three to four months for results to show but it works for women suffering from low progesterone infertility because it gets to the core of the problem and eliminates it rather than just treating the symptom and fixing it temporarily.

low progesterone infertility

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