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Late Ovulation + Infertility:
The Link

Ovulation, that is, the release of an egg from the ovary, is necessary if you wish to get pregnant. Normally, this happens on the 14th day from the day your menstrual cycle starts. Late ovulation is when this is anywhere after the 20th day. However, late ovulation + infertility neednít go hand in hand. While your chances of getting pregnant are somewhat reduced, it is not such a bad situation. You can get pregnant even if you ovulate late in your menstrual cycle; it often happens and women do get pregnant.

The reason why late ovulation + infertility are linked is because of certain physiological reasons. For one, during late ovulation, the lining of the uterus gets older for successful implantation and therefore, makes it less receptive for fertilization. If you have long cycles on a regular basis, cycles that last longer than 35 days then you ovulate lesser than what is considered normal; further decreasing your chances of getting pregnant. Consider this; if you ovulate on the 22nd day of your menstrual cycle and your cycle lasts about 40 days, then you are ovulating comparatively less (about 9 times a year) than someone with a 28-day or a 30-day cycle (about 12-13 times a year). Also, with late ovulation the eggs donít mature properly and as a result, are not good for fertilization and implantation. Your hormone levels are not exactly conducive for the eggs, hence decreasing your chances of pregnancy.

The Myth of Late Ovulation + Infertility

Late Ovulation + Infertility

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The good news is that a late ovulation + infertility neednít be true for you. Late ovulation is not the same as NO ovulation, mind you. With a little bit of a thrust, you will be able to overcome this. To regulate your menstrual and your ovulation cycle, you may need to speak with your doctor. Also, take holistic measures towards this instead of resorting to quick remedies.

Change your lifestyle for the better. Lead a disciplined routine and avoid smoking/drinking alcohol or any form of substance abuse. Do not get into any drastic diets; eat healthy, natural food as much as possible, avoid too much caffeine, sleep well, stay rested. Do not forget to take your nutritional supplements such as folic acid and vitamins. Have spontaneous and fun sex with your partner and donít get burdened by lack of results. Some traditional yet very effective treatments include acupuncture and natural herbs which help restoring ovarian function. These are natural treatments and will not harm your body in any way.†

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Late Ovulation + Infertility

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