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If your mind is all set with the following thought “I am looking to get pregnant”, then you need to follow certain things to ensure that your thought gets converted into reality. You need to have a pattern of regular period if you want to get pregnant . Pregnancy is possible only if a normal and healthy cycle of ovulation is present in your body. If you don’t have regular ovulation, you need to visit your personal doctor to take remedy for the same. Don’t delay the visit to the doctor in such a case.

Besides this you would also need to talk to your partner to keep time free for both of you’ll, as you’ll need to have regular intercourse on alternate days before and during the fertile days of your body. You should see to it that the sexual intercourse between your partner and you should not be monotonous but instead be filled with fun and excitement. If you make the whole process interesting, then the chances of pregnancy will increase, as a high level of orgasm and ejaculation always ensures higher sperm count and better fertilization.

Some things to keep in mind if you are looking to get pregnant

If you are looking forward to getting pregnant, both of you’ll will need to check for any infections transmitted by sex. You should first clear the infections from your system before you start with the pregnancy process. Cut down on all harmful substance usage, which can hamper your future pregnancy. So your partner and you need to stop smoking, drinking alcohol and avoid any use of drugs too.

Once you have taken care of all these factors, try to find the exact day of ovulation every month. You can use a kit for its detection in your body. Plan sexual intercourse before and during ovulation to get the best results. Don’t worry if you are not successful in your first or second attempt. Every couple is not successful in the first two or three months in getting a child.

Most of all you should switch over to a holistic approach in your life. Get happiness back into your life by finding the right balance to your mental, emotional and physical state. This will help you to keep all your body functions working at their peak. Once you have taken care to stick to a holistic approach, you will automatically relax and say “I am now looking forward to getting pregnant

I am looking to get pregnant

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I am looking to get pregnant

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