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Planning a baby is one of the most exciting moments for a couple. How to get pregnant immediately is quite easy provided you know a few tricks here and there. Firstly, get a hang of your menstrual cycle so that it is easy for you to determine your ovulation period. If you have a 28-day cycle then your ovaries will release an egg on the 14th day of your cycle. If you have a 30-day cycle, then it is the 15th day. If your period is not regular then you need to consult a doctor pronto in order to regularize your period. Once the egg is released, it is the ideal time for copulation. To boost your chances further, it is best to increase the frequency of sex before and during your ovulation . This is so because when you have sex before an egg is released, you are ensuring there is already a live sperm waiting to fertilize the egg; as a sperm can survive up to seven days inside a female body.

While all this may sound complicated, it all falls into place once you predict with as much precision as you can your ovulation date. A very effective way to do this is to observe your basal body temperature (BBT) among other body signs. With these little signs, you will surely know how to get pregnant immediately. Your BBT will be higher than normal and you may notice certain changes such as breast tenderness, abdominal cramps and changes in the cervical mucous (will be thinner and clearer like an egg white).

What other factors do you need to consider to get pregnany fast? 

While it may be important for you to know to how to get pregnant immediately , it is equally important to be aware of other factors that will ensure a healthy conception. An important advice here would be to have a disciplined, holistic lifestyle and a well-balanced diet. In today’s taxing times, couples barely have time for intimacy and get resigned to living with high levels of stress.

Life becomes a drag and even a wonderful act of making love becomes a chore. Well, may be this is the right time to make some positive changes in your day-to-day life. You will have higher energy levels and your sex life will be more spontaneous and fun. Also, a well-defined routine will prepare you not just physically but also mentally and emotionally for the changes ahead once you have a baby in your life.

How to Get Pregnant Immediately

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How to Get Pregnant Immediately

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