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There are many men and women who, after having children decide to go in for some kind of sterilization that involves minor surgery. For women it is tubal ligation, while men go in for a vasectomy. In a vasectomy, the vans deferens — the tube through which sperm passes — is severed, stopping sperm from moving out of the testicles and mixing with the semen. For a couple, this means not having to think of accidental pregnancies and being free of the hassle of using contraceptives. What happens, however, if the couple decides some years down the line that they do, after all, want another child and want to know how to get pregnant after a vasectomy? Here are some of the ways they can:

Vasectomy reversal

·         Men who decide they do want to have a child a few years after having a vasectomy can reverse the surgery by using a microsurgical technique known as vasovasostomy. This is, however, a costly, complex procedure in which the tubes that carried the sperm from the testes to the semen are reconnected. It does not guarantee pregnancy but as the sperm mixes with the semen again, it raises the chances of being able to have a child. Pregnancy also depends on how long ago the vasectomy took place, and what kind of procedure was done. Sometimes the vasovasostomy may not be permanent and occlusion — the closing or obstruction — of the tubes could occur after a few years of the reversal operation. Also, having a vasectomy in the first place can reduce sperm count and motility, so a reversal may not lead to a successful impregnation. A vasectomy reversal may also increase autoimmunity where the body develops antibodies that attack the sperm which it mistakes for germs.

In-Vitro Fertilization                   

·         A vasectomy does not stop the production of sperm but can lower its count. For couples who do not want to go in for a vasectomy reversal, IVF (in-vitro fertilization) and ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) can be a good alternative. Both techniques — usually used by couples who have infertility problems — involve the fertilization of the ovum externally, i.e. outside the woman’s body, with sperm that has been extracted directly from the testes or the van deferens. The egg is then fertilized and placed in the woman’s uterus. The sperm that has been collected is screened and only the best one is selected to fertilize the egg. The couple can also use the services of a sperm bank.


Vasectomies are not 100% safe

·         Though a vasectomy is considered one of the safest methods of birth control, it is not 100% reliable. Men who have undergone vasectomy must have their semen tested and sometimes the tests show the presence of live sperm. Vasectomy failure occurs in about 1 in 2000 men. So, there is a great chance that if a couple changes their mind and decides to have another baby, they could get pregnant if they try often enough.

A lot of people change their minds after having undergone birth-control procedures and realize they would like to have a child. Turning to conventional medical technology for this is fine, but couples wondering how to get pregnant after a vasectomy should turn to the holistic approach which, by the use of Chinese medication and acupuncture, herbal treatment, a change in lifestyle, diet and exercise, can help boost the chances of having a baby. The herbal approach — which aims at treating the whole body rather than just the symptom — helps the couple sort through physiological, emotional and mental issues and get to the core of the problem. The holistic way, in conjunction with modern medical technology, will maximize a couple’s chances of getting pregnant.  

How to Get Pregnant after Vasectomy

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How to Get Pregnant after Vasectomy

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