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How Long Does It Take To
Get Pregnant: The Answer!

Many couples, once they star trying, often wonder how long it takes to get pregnant. Well, for one, getting pregnantdoesn’t exactly require special skill though the time it takes for conceiving may vary from woman to woman. There are several factors at play here, fertility being one of them. Women who are truly fertile, that is, can ovulate easily; have better chances of conceiving fast. For these women, if they are aware of their ovulation cycle and know which days to have sex if they wanted to conceive, then they can get pregnant within a couple of months.

These women can use natural family planning methods including tools such as ‘basal body temperature’ charting (during the fertile period the body temperature increases by more than 1 degree) and cervical mucus observation (when cervical mucous becomes clear and slippery, it is an indicator of ovulation) to determine their fertile days. The sub-fertile couples can take anywhere from 2 months to a year. They may take longer than the average couple to conceive but they do not really need any medical assistance as long as they have a holistic approach to health and life.

Can one really predict the time when one can get pregnant? 

Couples who have been trying for more than a year should consult their medical practitioner rather than keep asking themselves, how long it takes to get pregnant ! The fertility of a couple depends on a lot of factors including age, diet, lifestyle, medical history and so on. After all, besides ovulation, these above mentioned reasons are also instrumental in ensuring a quick and healthy conception.

There are men and women who hang on to only hope as long as they can and do not consult a doctor even after trying for more than a couple of years. It does not mean that they are not responsible enough or are not in a hurry to conceive; sometimes they are too shy or even ashamed to admit to the problem because of societal pressure and sometimes, they are too scared to face the truth.

It is important to remember that with passage of time it will get even more difficult as age is a major factor when it comes to fertility. Having said that, it is important to explore all possible options, before taking recourse in, fertility enhancers and treatments. A good start would be to live a stress-free, holistic life. Here, patience and discipline are required and eventually there will be no need to ask how long does it really take to get pregnant ?

How Long Does It Take To Get Pregnant

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How Long Does It Take To Get Pregnant

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