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Herbal Infertility Treatment:
Scam or the REAL Deal?

Herbs have been used for healing since time immemorial and some of them are still in use today. Of course, this form of treatment was once met with derision from the medical community but recently some doctors have begun recommending this approach to their patients, especially couples who are having trouble conceiving. Modern medicine can do wonders but it cannot heal the body emotionally and mentally and flush out the root of the problem like the holistic approach can. This holistic approach includes herbal treatment for infertility problems.

The herbal way

  • Herbal treatment is normally very safe but there could be side effects so it is better to seek professional guidance and advice. Some herbs can be very strong and can harm you if not taken in the correct dosages. Also, it would be advisable for a couple to inform their doctor about any herbs that they are taking so as to make sure the treatment will not adversely react to any medication being taken or hamper any procedure they may need to undergo.
  • The effects of herbal medicine are not immediate. It is a slow, cumulative process, the results of which will be seen only after two or three months. The body needs time to respond to the treatment. Stop-start use of herbs will not allow the body to adjust or find out if the treatment works. For fertility treatment, the herbs need to be taken over a full menstrual cycle, and they work better when taken over two or three consecutive cycles. 
  • Herbal medicines are generally prescribed to boost ovarian function. There are quite a few herbs whose properties can help to increase a woman’s fertility. These include herbs like Chaste Tree Berry, which helps improve hormone imbalance, regulate periods and reduce stress, thus creating a healthy environment that encourages fertility. Another is Dong Quai, which helps in improving egg implantation; Wild Yam boosts the production of progesterone while False Unicorn Root regulates the ovaries and improves overall fertility.
  • Herbal treatment can take care of most fertility problems. The use of herbs does not adversely affect ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome, or OHSS, which is a problem that arises from use of some kinds of fertility medication. In fact herbal treatment has been seen to stimulate the production of hormones needed for reproduction, like FSH (follitropin) and LH (lutropin).  
  • This is not a profession that is licensed, but people who practice herbal medicine can get a board certificate. Men and women seeking this type of treatment should make sure that the professional they go to is certified and has the education to back him or her up. 

The Chinese way

·         Chinese herbal treatment has been used for nearly 2500 years and can treat a wide range of illnesses and medical problems. Chinese herbal practitioners have been able to develop many types of medicine that help women, and men, boost their fertility. Their method is to balance out the endocrine system which produces hormones that regulate the body and all its functions, including fertility.

·         The Chinese use herbs in combination with each other, which increases their effectiveness while reducing chances of any side effects. These mixtures have their origin in formulas that have been around for centuries and have been very successfully used. These formulas are customized for the person according to the problem and medical history thus maximizing their effect and reducing health risks. The results may not be the same for everyone but studies in China have shown that nearly 70% of men and women have been able to reproduce after using this type of treatment.

The holistic way

Infertility is not just a problem that needs medical attention, as so many people seem to believe. Extenuating circumstances like diet, life-style, environment, energy levels, emotional and mental disposition also need to be taken into consideration. This is why many medical doctors now suggest couples with infertility problems take the holistic approach even while employing modern fertility technologies. This holistic approach allows the couple to get to the root of their problems by way of herbal treatment for infertility, yoga to reduce stress, acupuncture, and including foods high in vitamins, folic acid and other beneficial nutrients in their diet. The holistic approach improves overall health, helping to boost chances of pregnancy in combination with modern medicine.


Herbal Infertility Treatment

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Herbal Infertility Treatment

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