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Getting pregnant is a life-changing decision and once you and your partner have decided that this is indeed the way forward, then obviously, the next step is about getting pregnant fast!! So how does one exactly fast track the conception process? It is quite simple, actually. Keep a track of your ovulation cycle and try to make sure you have sexual intercourse every time you ovulate. You can detect your ovulation cycle by monitoring when you get your period.

If you have a 28-day cycle then your ovulation will most probably be on the 12th-14th day after your period. As you release only one egg per month (in some cases, two eggs which could lead to twins), you donít really stand more than one chance every month), so make sure to utilize those couple of days well.As you must know, you can only get pregnant if you have intercourse during ovulation. However, it is not necessary that your ovulation occurs only during the 14th day from your day of period. There can be exceptions to the rule. Some women ovulate during their period while some who have an irregular menstrual cycle have a fluctuating ovulation date.

To get pregnant fast you have to get the†factors right.

The easiest trick to get pregnant fast is to determine the period of ovulation. One can naturally determine the ovulation period or else, there are ovulation detectors easily available in the market these days. Also, there is a free ovulation calendar and calculator easily available on the net where you simply key in the first day of your menstrual period as well as the average length of your cycle and compute your ovulation days. Getting pregnant fast is not only about your ovulation cycle but also depends on other factors such as age, fertility, nutrition, lifestyle among others. Getting pregnant fast is not about getting desperate.

Be careful about any kind of herbal supplements or instant remedies that claim to increase your fertility as these may have an adverse effect on your hormonal balance. Instead, lead a disciplined, holistic life and keep trying at least for a few months before you get impatient. Get some medical advice and counseling if you are still waiting at the end of 6 months after doing everything right. Continue keeping tabs on your menstrual/ovulation cycle and unfailingly having sex during this brief window of opportunity. Have a holistic approach towards life and keep in mind that there is a time for everything. So donít try too hard and fast; stay positive and keep the faith.

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