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Whenever you feel like telling your mind or your partner – get me pregnant – you should do a number of things so that your wish comes true. Usage of the contraceptive pill can disturb your cycle, thus you would need to give it up at least for a couple of months before you give a chance for your cycle to come back on track. You also need to have sex on the right days of your cycle. If you are bit confused with your cycle and the fertile days, consult a doctor so that you are clear when ovulation takes place in your body.

Take care of your weight. If your weight is in the right range required for pregnancy, your chances increase. To know the right weight according to your body size, you can consult your personal doctor. Folic Acid helps you to reduce the chance of any defects from appearing on your child. You thus need to take Folic Acid to decrease the chances of any defects affecting the brain or the spinal cord of your child.

To get pregnant, you need to check the following too… 

Stop smoking or prevent your partner from smoking. You also need to avoid the abuse of drugs. They can cause a number of problems like babies with less weight. They also can cause miscarriage and also lead to the premature birth of your baby. Smoking is also harmful as it can reduce the sperm count of your partner. It will also reduce your fertility. Try to avoid the effects of passive smoking as that too can cause problems when you want to get pregnant . The missionary position offers the best possible chance of the sperm getting as close to the cervix as possible. So avoid the woman-on-top position when your partner is making love to you.

Finally remember, your partner and you need to be in the best frame of mind to get the best results while trying to get you pregnant. Try to remove any form of depression which might be present in your partner and you. The holistic approach helps you to be happy from within. Thus, you get healed from any kind of emotional, mental as well as physical problems which are being faced by your partner and you. Use the holistic approach to boost your system. All the parts which are connected with the reproduction process in your partner and you will get a proper fillip to perform their best when they are needed to do so that you can say – get me pregnant.

Get Me Pregnant

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Get Me Pregnant

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