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Femara is one of the most common drugs being used for infertility. Femara helps in ovulation induction, that is, induces an egg in women who are not ovulating on their own. It is sold under the brand name Femara Letrozole. This drug has not been approved by the FDA. It is normally taken under specific fertility circumstances. It is recommended that the drug be taken prior to conception as there have been unconfirmed cases of miscarriages or birth deformities. However, medical experts would still like to give it the benefit of the doubt. They feel that Femara, if given early in the menstrual cycle, is completely cleared from the body before the embryo comes. So it is difficult to believe that it can cause birth defects in children.

In the States, the Femara label gives out a warning that the drug has been associated with birth defects. The drug is known to be safe if taken before pregnancy. Make sure you consult your doctor if you are using Femara for infertility . The Femara website ( has clearly warned that Femara should not be taken by premenopausal women.

What are the pros and cons of Femara in infertility?

Femara, if to be used for infertility, helps to reduce the production of estrogen and consequently, increase the production of hormones needed to stimulate the ovaries. Some of the side effects related with it include headaches, hot flashes and breast tenderness. There is an advantage of using Femara over other fertility drugs considering the fact that it does not leave any residue and is quickly metabolized. It is normally prescribed to women who have tried and failed with traditional treatments like Clomid and Serophene. Femara has been proven as a strong antidote for infertility. On using Femara, the uterus wall thickens resulting in firmer egg implantation and there are fewer chances of a miscarriage.

It would be prudent to use Femara , (if to be used for fertility), under strict medical guidance. Even your doctor will not recommend it until s/he has tried some good old tried and tested methods. Therefore, it is better to try out other natural alternatives before you start using fertility drugs. Make sure to check our overall health and well being. Sometimes high stress and low energy levels adversely affect fertility. Keep a holistic approach while going in for any treatment. Donít forget, your body was designed for reproduction so it will be if you give it some rest and let it heal naturally.

Femara Be Used For Infertility

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Femara Be Used For Infertility

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