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Does Adenomyosis Really
Cause Infertility?

Knowing whether adenomyosis can cause infertility is important as a large number of women suffer from it. In case you are suffering from heavy uterine bleeding, do make it a point to check yourself for adenomyosis, as the more you delay, the greater harm you will be causing yourself. Adenomyosis is also known as internal endometriosis. When the endometrical tissue grows and penetrates from uterine lining to go into the myometrium, then it is known as adenomyosis. It can also exist side by side with the external form of endometriosis. It is a problem as it will bleed along with the menses of a woman’s body. It then creates unnecessary accumulation of material within the uterine wall. The uterus can then get swelled and become larger in size.

You should not get confused between uterine fibroids and adenomyosis. Most people mistake one for the other. Fibroids can be removed without needing to take out the uterine tissue connected with it. While the adenomyomas found in adenomyosis cannot be removed without actually taking out the uterine muscle involved in the process.

Does Adenomyosis show any symptoms? 

Adenomyosis doesn’t always show symptoms in a woman suffering from it. But when its symptoms can be seen in a woman, they are as follows – pelvic pain, uterine enlargement and serious and irregular menstrual bleeding. Adenomyosis can cause infertility in women. When any woman exhibits an advanced stage of adenomyosis in her, her chances of getting infertility increases even more. Women who show symptomatic adenomyosis should go for hysterectomy as it has been known to be very effective in treating adenomyosis. For other forms of adenomyosis, a number of drugs are used, but since they have side effects you would need the guidance of your doctor before you use them.

You can avoid the painful effects of surgery and also avoid all side effect of drugs used for its treatment by using the holistic approach to treat it. Following the holistic approach is your best bet as you will be given a number of Chinese herbs and also need to have a systematic approach in your life. You will get cured from within completely without needing to fear any sort of side effect. Use the holistic approach to prevent adenomyosis from causing infertility in you. It also allows you to reduce unwanted stress as you don't need to spend unnecessary money on any kind of surgery needed to treat it.

Does Adenomyosis Cause Infertility

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Does Adenomyosis Cause Infertility

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