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How Soon Can YOU Conceive
After Depo Provera?

Conceiving after depo provera is not immediately possible. You need to study and be aware of all the facts connected with it. It is a hormone which is used to help birth control in a woman’s body. Its effect is very long lasting compared to other forms of birth control remedies. It is normally injected in a woman after a period of 11 weeks. Once it has been given to you, it will start acting after 24 hours after the first injection has been given to you. But it needs to be given in the first 5 days of the menstrual cycle for it to be effective immediately. Most women then keep taking it every 11 weeks to continue the effect of birth control in their body.

The reason depo provera is effective in preventing birth is because it prevents the emission of hormones in your body which are useful for stimulating the ovaries . Thus ovulation doesn’t occur. Besides this, it also changes the cervical mucus by thickening it, thus successfully preventing the entry of the sperm into your uterus. Most women like to use it as it has a very high success rate in preventing pregnancy in a woman.

How Depo Provera effects the ability to conceive: 

But when women who are using depo provera, want to conceive, they should be aware of the following things - firstly you cannot escape from the effects of depo provera for a period of 3 months once you have injected it in you. Even if you stop its usage, it normally takes anywhere between 3-9 months for your period to re-occur in your body. Thus you will need to be patient at least for a period of 9-12 months to conceive after you have stopped taking depo provera. This seems to be a very long period to wait for many women who want to get pregnant as early as possible. Some women even need as much as 15-18 months to get pregnant after they have stopped using it.

Thus you need to weigh all the pros and cons of depo provera if you want to conceive after you have used it . It is much better to use the holistic method of birth control. Since it is a natural method, you can always get into the reproductive mode as and when you want to get pregnant. And there are no side effects visible in the holistic approach when you try the natural method of birth control.

Conceiving After Depo Provera

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Conceiving After Depo Provera

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