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Can Bacterial Vaginosis Cause Infertility? An Insight

Bacterial vaginosis can cause infertility in women. Therefore you need to know more about it so that you can avoid its ill effects. It is a type of vaginal infection which is commonly found in a large number of women. It causes problems like itching, pain, offensive smell and discharge in them. It is caused when the environment in the vagina gets disturbed. The vagina normally has a combination of good bacteria as well as bad bacteria existing in it. When the number of bad bacteria increases in it, a woman gets bacterial vaginosis.

How does bacterial vaginosis cause infertility?

It has been found out that women who have multiple partners in their sex life also get bacterial vaginosis more often compared to other woman. Although it cannot affect each and every woman, it is known to cause a number of problems in many women. Many women who have bacterial vaginosis give birth to babies who are born earlier than planned. The babies who are born might also have low weight at birth. As it is a type of bacteria, it can infect the womb of a woman and the fallopian tubes too. If the pelvic gets inflammatory then bacterial vaginosis will damage the fallopian tube and also cause infertility in a woman. It may also cause ectopic pregnancy, where the egg which is fertilized grows outside the uterus.

The dangers of bacterial vaginosis

Sadly it can also enhance a woman’s chances of getting the HIV virus in case she is exposed to it. Besides this her chances of getting other sexually transmitted diseases increase too. And all these types of infections are harmful if you are planning to have a child in the near future. In case you have a doubt that you are suffering from it, definitely take the help of your doctor to confirm its presence in you. You will need to give tests to confirm its presence in your body. You should not ignore its presence when you are planning a baby because it is commonly found in women who are in the reproductive age.

Get your life organized with the help of holistic approach so that you can prevent bacterial vaginosis from causing you infertility . A holistic approach always helps as you are encouraged to lead a clean life, physically as well as mentally. You will be able to increase your immune system thus taking good care of your body. Once your immune system gets boosted and you are happy mentally and leading a clean and healthy life, bacterial vaginosis will find it very difficult to cause infertility in you.

Can Bacterial Vaginosis Cause Infertility

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Can Bacterial Vaginosis Cause Infertility

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