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Couples planning to start a family may often wonder when the best time to get pregnant is. Well, to start with, have a regular check up from your local medical practitioner to make sure you are in good health. Also, those women on pills should wait for at least three normal menstrual cycles before trying to get pregnant. As oft the case, your doctor may recommend some prenatal vitamins, vaccinations and folic acid supplements to help you conceive faster. In case of fertility or any other issue, is would help to turn to your doctor for clearing your qualms and fears and how you can progress better and faster.

A woman has a short period in a month to conceive and the best time to get pregnant is usually two or three days leading up to ovulation. You really must not wait until the ovulation day to have sex as a woman’s egg survives not more than 24 hours whereas a sperm is usually around up to five days.

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Couples planning a baby make it a point to have sexual intercourse during the ovulation period to increase the chances of conceiving. Determining your ovulation period is not really a tricky issue. Some body signs can act as reliable predictors for some women. Some of these indicators include tender breasts, abdominal cramps, and increase in body temperature; though they may not necessarily work for all women. However, it is an accepted fact that the 14th day of the menstrual cycle (those who have a 28-day menstrual cycle) is the best bet for getting pregnant. By determining the next menstrual period and counting back 14 to 16 days, a woman can predict her ovulation period. Other medical aids include saliva tests, ovulation calendars and even ovulation evaluator kits. Having said this, it is also your lifestyle, emotional and reproductive health, age, frequency of sex among other factors that can work as good determiners.

The best time to get pregnant would definitely be when both the partners are not just physically but also psychologically, spiritually and monetarily prepared to share their love and lives with another individual; not to forget preparing themselves for the responsibility that lies ahead. It is important for you and your partner to have a holistic approach while starting a family. A holistic attitude entails doing away with stressful routines, unhealthy eating and sleeping habits. Maintaining a balanced healthy lifestyle, reading (self-help and pre-pregnancy books), relaxing sufficiently and not trying too hard can help you increase your chances to get pregnant and move ahead positively without feeling the burden of additional responsibility.

Best Time To Get Pregnant

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Best Time To Get Pregnant

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