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Is There An Alternative
Treatment For Infertility ?

Over the past couple of decades or so, the number of couples having problems conceiving has been on the rise. Many factors have been attributed to infertility including irregular ovulation, damage to the tubes and endometriosis for women, and low sperm count and motility and blocked tubes for men. Surprisingly, most infertility problems cannot be explained and have been put down to stress, perhaps because of the infertility problems or, more likely, because of lifestyle. While many couples turn to modern treatments like in-vitro fertilization, artificial insemination and donor eggs, many also prefer to look for an alternative treatment for infertility like Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, yoga and naturopathy. These alternatives are more well-known as the holistic approach to the treatment for infertility.  Here are some alternative treatments:

  • Oriental medicine and acupuncture — The most famous are Chinese herbal medicines and acupuncture. It also includes exercises like Qi Gong and T’ai Chi. Oriental medicine sees infertility as an imbalance in the body and looks to re-align the mind and body. Acupuncture, though around for thousands of years, only became popular in the treatment of infertility around a decade ago after a German study showed an increase in pregnancies when acupuncture was administered before and after IVF treatment. The beauty of Oriental medicine is that each patient is treated according to their individual symptoms, even if it is the same illness. It has been seen to lower the rate of miscarriages and improve uterine lining and sperm quality. Chinese herbs have helped couples to conceive but these medicinal herbs should never be taken during an IVF cycle and should be administered by a recognized professional.
  • Yoga — Practicing the various poses of yoga is therapeutic and benefits the health. Yoga stretches the muscles and helps realign the body. Where fertility is concerned, it opens up tight pelvic muscles, helping to increase blood to flow into the pelvic area. This increased flow helps nurture the uterus and ovaries. Breathing exercises also help even out hormonal imbalances by lowering cortisol — which impedes the reproductive system’s functions — levels.
  • Nutrition — A healthy and balanced food plan is a must for couples, especially women, who are trying to conceive. Malnutrition is one of the key causes of infertility. A diet high in vegetable protein, dairy fats, vitamins, zinc, folic acid, monounsaturated fats (instead of trans fats) and iron and low in carbohydrates helps improve fertility. Herbal supplements also help improve fertility. Things that should be avoided are coffee, tea, colas, alcohol and cigarettes.
  • Syncing the mind and body — One of the most important things that a couple has to learn to do is to cope not only with the daily stresses of life but also with the anxiety that comes with not being able to conceive. They have to learn to let go — conceiving has to be left up to nature and obsessing about it will not make it happen. Some couples can become depressed and it is they who benefit best from a holistic approach which helps connect the mind, body and spirit and increase chances of conception.

Though some couples turn to holistic treatment exclusively to solve their infertility problems, most use it alongside modern fertility procedures. The holistic approach shows couples how to deal with the stress of infertility and improve the quality of their lifestyles. Studies have shown that pregnancy rates have improved by nearly 80 percent among couples using the holistic approach. The holistic approach doesn’t look to cure the symptom but aims to get to the root of the problem and balance the body.

As an alternative treatment for infertility, it helps calm the body mentally and physically so that it can heal naturally. It takes about three months for an egg to mature ahead of ovulation and it takes the about the same time for sperm to develop. So couples looking to boost chances of conceiving need to look after themselves during this time too. This is why holistic treatment has to be planned over a course of three-four months and has to be tweaked to suit individual requirements.

Alternative Treatment For Infertility

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Alternative Treatment For Infertility

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